Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

3 Responses to “Any good ideas for a small business venture for creative women in this economy?”

  • Danny K says:

    anything in construction. women have a huge edge due to gov’t mandates

  • Evelyn says:


    your best bet.. and no construction not a good idea, only because costruction is doing bad right now due to the economy.. people don’t build, the banks do not want to lend money =0( check the site…

  • govicseo says:

    Here are some small business enterprises to consider:

    1. Providing a private tutoring service ranging from music lessons, English writing and reading lessons: to training seniors on how to operate a particular computer;

    2. Offering to supervise or monitor services to senior citizens especially those wanting someone to take them on errands, driving on long trips, watch and clean up homes left behind by seniors who have been relocated to assisted living quarters;

    3. Becoming a regional apartment manager servicing several properties while traveling to and fro to collect monthly rents and service tenant complaints;

    4. Leasing a van equipped with paper shredding machinery and go into high-income areas offering to shred their highly secretive personal papers or even allow them to do so in the privacy of their own home or office;

    5. Leasing high-pressure steam cleaning equipment which can be used to remove chewing gum in front of store fronts and apartment houses and charge an appropriate hourly fee;

    6. Acquiring a personal fiduciary bond up to $100,000 [actually 10% or $10,000] which will allow you to sell your services as a personal property document specialist which involves photographing and cataloging all kinds of personal property which are subject to insurance coverage; salvaging of family photo albums, etc.

    Good luck!

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