Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

whenever i see a successful black women, i see investment bankers, stock brokers, lawyers, business entrepreneur’s and teachers. when i see a successful black guy, it is usually nba players, sprinters or rappers. why are black guys less intelligent than black women?

8 Responses to “Are black women really that much more intelligent than black guys?”

  • Shayna says:

    Men are usually less intelligent then women

  • DaRk ChOcOlAtE says:

    God Lord you really suck at trolling. Do us a favor mmkay? Watch Britney and copy what she does.

  • Lisa says:

    Yes, they dont go to jail. Some do others dont!

  • Harry Ball says:

    You watch way too much TV

  • Britney says:

    They have to work harder cuz their men leave the knocked up an all alone, so they struggle harder.

  • Green Milkshakes says:

    I agree…black women and I could seriously chill, but keep me away from yo brothas mmk

  • Maria Alonso says:

    Intelligence should be assessed at the level of the individual not that of a group. By assessing as a group, one does to that group precisely what those who discriminated against certain groups did by deeming them less intelligent than the majority in power.

  • Shadowz says:

    no they are not “more” smart, its just that there are less of them so you only get to see a sample succesful sample of them as teachers or business women.

    hoever on the other hand you get to see a lot of black guys on the street, wastign time in jail.

    hence they get more popularity which combined with the media/film stereo typing results in your biased view.

    however men>?wo-men !

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