Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

In the business world, not authors, professors or entertainers.
Carly Fiorina was a complete failure when she ran HP. She was fired.

Besides how could she be labeled as a feminist when she was on McCains economic advisory team in 2008.
Holly, I did look before posting this question and did see the same web page. Since it was paid advertisment, I left it out.

4 Responses to “Can you list several successful business women who proclaim that they are feminist?”

  • Feminecronomicon says:

    I think Carly Fiorina may have referred to herself as a feminist. But she is one of those I’ll-say-I’m-a-feminist-because-I-have -a-job feminists (like Sarah Palin). She basically disagrees with all things feminist.

  • Know It All says:

    When their success is threatened if they don’t call themselves Feminists, I don’t doubt that these successful women would hesitate to call themselves Feminists just to remove a major irritant out of their ways. Come on ! The ‘Patriarchy’ is powerless before the likes of A. Dworkin/H. Harman !

  • Holly says:

    Max, I would really like to answer your question but I can list on two fingers the names of business people I know and neither of them are women. Sorry.

  • Lagniappe says:

    some execs in the publishing biz like Gloria Steinem of MS mag
    and Helen Gurley Brown, publisher of Cosmo mag

    Lillian Gilbert, the “mother of modern management”

    Melinda Gates may call herself a feminist, she does empower girls

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