Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

we know women, are smart and there are many women business owner.

8 Responses to “can you name a kind of business usually run by women?”

  • juileeee says:

    accounting,interior design, reality,

  • kearneyconsulting says:

    Maternity shops.

  • Intellect says:

    Beauty salon/supply, spa, florist, boutique, jewelry store (small) gift shop, antique shop, coffee shop, wedding planner business, catering, concierge, wine tasting, chocolatier, stuffed animal specialty store.candy store, lingerie store. etc., etc.

  • reneewatson7 says:

    skin care like Mary Kay. When women feel pretty on the outside they feel pretty on the inside to. What a great company…women helping women.

  • gumanbhushan says:


  • preksheena says:

    relationship, or direct marketing business.
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  • skn_up says:

    EBay selling seems to be a really successful business for a lot of women. Some have special crafts and they sell their products on eBay. Such as special quilts, etc. I have seen it on the news. Also, my friend told me that some lady in her neighborhood buys items in bulk at swapmeets in LA and sell it for a higher value. She does it full time. She was racking up about $20,000 a month.

  • pradip k says:

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