Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

5 Responses to “Can you name some African American Women Entrepreneurs?”

  • Joan the Plumber says:

    Madame C.J. Walker

  • Pat says:

    Oprah Winfrey

  • Tommy can do it better than u! says:

    Cecil Juniper.

  • Saritah says:

    Tyra Banks.

  • tehabwa says:

    The only one I can name is Oprah.

    Of course, the vast majority of entrepreneurs — all sexes and races — are small business-owners, and thus not well-known.

    I saw one interviewed on the news last night (her business window had been broken in a riot over the murder by a BART cop of an unarmed, African-American male). But, not being good with names, can’t name her.

    They’re fairly common where I live, which is a diverse area.

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