Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

When I look at women and they are all dressed up in business casual, i feel that they look better than us. Us im saying like we dress up nice but not business likely, more like free style. Does that still turn on a guy? Be dressed up free style, like jeans, tight jogging pants and sexy shirts or even your guys shirt??
Tell me what turns on a guy??
I love pleasing my man and i would like to have some suggestions…

2 Responses to “Does a girl have to be dressed up as a business women to attract men?”

  • mktmonitor says:

    It is nice when a woman dresses up for her man on occasion. You don’t have to wear a business suit, you can wear a dress. Show some bare leg sometimes.

  • mommy_advocate says:

    No. Feeling confident in your clothes will translate to him. If you feel sexy it won’t matter what you are wearing as long as he is getting the vibe from you that you are feeling hot!

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