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I want to open a resturant, I have no money and poor credit. My boyfreind and I both work full time and we don’t even make enough to cover our bills, I’m talking rent, utilities and food we have no credit cards or car payments and we don’t indulge in extras.(having internet access is our biggest spluge) He pays an excessive amount of child support and we can’t even afford a lawyer to get it corrected. Does anyone know of a program or agency that will help a low income woman start a small business in spite of a very poor credit rating?

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  • Tom S says:

    Here is what I would do. When you get home from your job do some affiliate programs online. They pay well. I found one where you sign up and they put a toolbar on your internet. They make money off of it because they are partnered with some of the sites you might visit such as google or ebay.

    Once you put that on there you refer people to put it on there internet. Know here is an example.

    If you refer 5 people this month to join the program and then on average those 5 people refer another 5 people. You make a whopping $9767.50.

    Crazy huh?

    All you have to is spend a couple hours a week refering people and encouraging them to do the same.

    Here is the website.

    It really works.

    I do this as a part time job and make a fortune.


  • Dreams comes true says:

    You may also look out for an option to work online to make extra cash in your spare time. I am a part time worker doing work online at home, so I would like to share a link where you can make $600-$1500 in a month working at home. The work need to be done is posting/answering a discussion and uploading any photo/image of your interest. For details visit
    I will publish few more genuine site in couple of weeks, where you can earn money. You may also write to me at talkofmoney@rediffmail.com (Note: When u are planning for a home based online work, be careful because most of them are scam and ask you to pay initial money. never pay money to any such site.)

  • rhstocks188 says:

    If network marketing doesn’t work for you as the other answerers have suggested you try, the government has low interest loans and outright grants for those who wish to start a business. What is vital to receiving a grant is a viable and detailed business plan. If you call the general phone number for the federal government the receptionist should be able to provide you with the information you need to inquire. Also there are people and companies that specialize in helping a person create a plan that reflects the idea one has for a business. What is important in any business is focus, committment and follow through.

  • randyssgirl25 says:

    Have you ever heard of Arbonne? it’s is Skin care products and make-up and lots of other great products that are pure, beneficial and safe, I have been in the situation that you and your boyfriend are currently in and you feel like you will never get out, I know, I found Arbonne about one year ago and it has made a huge difference in my income, I like you wanted to open my own store but I will be honest with you at this point in time unless you have a family member that is going to front you the money that you need to open your restaurant it mostly likely won’t happen right now, with Arbonne you have the opportunity to start your own business for only $29.00 with the opportunity to earn in more ways then one Commissions, Bonuses and Overrides are all ways to make extra money, If you would like to talk please email me or check out the website http://www.arbonne.com please let me know if you think that this is something that you would be interested in I can help you with everything from the word go! Best of Luck!

  • Shawn says:

    Persistence will be your best asset something you already have or should get first. Next you will need good advice and money. The latter is where I have a suggestion. Here is a fantastic company that will allow you to work from home and around your current schedule. They pay a bonus of $100 to $1000 each week. Their services are marketed in 180 countries this is an exciting company to join free. visit http://www.exlr8.ws watch the flash movie make plans for your restaurant as a goal but remember be deliberate in desire for it and again be persistent.

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