Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

www.SuccessWithRoyAndSherry.com We are witnessing and living in one of the most difficult times in our history with very little chance of recovery as there are no actual plans available. In my own little part of our once proud nation, our neighbor across the street is about to lose his home, it’s only a matter of time. Next to that house, is one that has been vacant over a year. He just packed up and disappeared. Out our back door, that house has been vacant going into 6 months as I write this. Before we go any further, I do want to clarify one thing. We live about 40 miles from the city limits of Tucson, Arizona. We live far out in the country — by choice. There is no industry, hence, no jobs here, but many folks do commute to their work, again, by personal choice. In the small town not far from where we live (11 miles) there are multiples of small businesses that have closed and most of the buildings have either been boarded up or completely torn down and have left just a vacant lot with only memories and a few weeds. There is one way for a family to find their way out of today’s economy, but not everyone is willing to try. I’m talking about a Home Based Business Online that can be worked from anywhere; your home is your office. The reasons are many and varied, but one thing does stand out — those affected will have to “put your past in the past and leave it there”. We have to work ourselves out of this, or languish in the nest that has been provided for us. We choose

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