Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

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Redefining power and the nature of success for the 21st century.

The numbers are staggering. Between 1997 and 2004, privately held, women-owned businesses grew at three times the rate of all American privately held firms; women’s companies are creating jobs at twice the rate of all firms; women’s companies are growing profits faster than all firms. Five-time CEO and contributor to Real Business and Fast Company Margaret Heffernan ask… More >>

How She Does It: How Women Entrepreneurs Are Changing the Rules of Business Success

4 Responses to “How She Does It: How Women Entrepreneurs Are Changing the Rules of Business Success”

  • This book is about the current growth and success of women-owned businesses. It is more an inspirational book FOR WOMEN who want to start a business than an instructional book on how women actually start them. And since the title refers to the latter rather than the former, it is hard to rate this book particularly high. After reading the book I think the title should have been: “Women Can do It, and Why They Do It.”

    I plucked this book from a shelf in the business section of Barnes & Noble last weekend when I noticed it had a 2007 copyright date. I thought the book would be something I could recommend to my SCORE clients, many of whom are women. But I don’t make it a practice to recommend inspirational fluff. And that is the way I view this book.

    The book is divided into three parts as follows:

    I. Fire in the Belly, Skin in the Game (Chapters 1-3)

    II. It Ain’t What We Do, It’s the Way that We Do It (Chapters 4-11)

    III. The Only Failure is Not to Try (Chapters 12-14)

    From reading the titles to the three parts can you see how this book is about “how she does it?” And to make matters worse, look at the headings for the 14 chapters listed below. Do they look like chapters that help to explain “how she does it?” I think not.

    1. The Need to Achieve

    2. Zeitgeist

    3. Niche is Nice (and Margins are Marvelous)

    4. The Value of Values

    5. The Power of People

    6. Leadership as Orchestration

    7. Customer Love

    8. Improvisation

    9. Help!

    10. Staying Power

    11. Money Isn’t Everything

    12. M&A: Marriage and Acclimatization

    13. Birth of a Saleswoman

    14. The New Norm

    Society has been changing dramatically during my lifetime. I was born in 1962. Many of my female classmates from elementary school went on to college. Half my classmates at law school were women. And it seems that most of the women going to college (and law school) are going to work and making careers for themselves in the business world. I’m told that this has not always been the case. Women used to simply become homemakers.

    But anybody who works for a W-2 today knows that it is hard to get ahead financially working for someone else. And if you are a woman working for a W-2, then it is even harder to get ahead financially because many of the powers-to-be in the business world still think of women as homemakers or wanta-be homemakers. So what are women doing about it? The answer is simple: starting their own shops.

    This book was one of stories. I didn’t particularly like it. But it was OK. 3 stars!
    Rating: 3 / 5

  • Jeri Sedlar says:

    Margaret Heffernan has an important quality–curiosity. Her curiosity has helped create a great book on women entrepreneurs. The women she has interviewed are inspiring and interesting, and forthcoming about their successes and mistakes. It is a wonderful read and an excellent addition to your library.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • I just finished reading Margaret Heffernan’s eye-opening new book, How She Does It. I hope you’ll do the same. Whether you are currently running a business, hoping to start a business or simply fascinated by interesting women and their stories you will find it a compelling read. My own work is based on gender differences and Margaret does a great job highlighting the leadership styles of men and women. The stories she uses to illustrate her points are compelling; this book is a must read. Marti Barletta, author, PrimeTime Women & Marketing to Women
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Su Doyle says:

    The takeaway from How She Does It is less about diversity than it is about alchemy. The CEOs profiled in the book have built profitable, high growth businesses without venture capital — quite a feat in itself. Heffernan profiles dozens of companies who have created something out of virtually nothing, and that alone makes this book recommended reading for all entrepreneurs. It’s a pity that most of these companies are private, because they would all be attractive investments.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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