Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

well im a junior in high school and everybody whats me to go in to health care,but i kno thats not for me,i want to be a entrepreneur/bussiness woman.However i dont know the best what degree is best for me,please help

2 Responses to “I want to be an entrepreneur/bussiness woman.what is the best degree for me?”

  • MILLIE X says:

    Just do a business degree, or something like ICT.
    Your going to need to study business though so go for business.

  • spiraledflaw says:

    I guess it depends on what aspect of the business and what field the company would be in. Getting a Business Admin degree can never hurt, but now days everyone and their grandma has an MBA. Economics/finance would be another option if you enjoy the financial aspects of business. Marketing is also a good choice. Otherwise, if you have a specific field in mind for said business then you could just get a degree in that field and minor in business/entrepreneurship (i.e. Heath Care Management Major w/ minor in Entrepreneurship). Sorry I can’t be more specific, but Business is a very broad field that can be done with many degrees. Even a psychology degree can help you in business.

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