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Is there any help for a women starting a small business?

6 Responses to “I want to start a small business but I don’t have much capital and my credit is bad. Is there any help for me?”

  • paobay says:

    It is very hard to get credit approval from banks, the best way to get some small business loan from government. Or start an angel fund (friends and family), but not the best idea.

  • whatevit says:

    The world is full of small businesses that the owner started with little capital and no credit. Just ask people that are operating the kind of business you want to operate. Ask “how can I get started”, most people will point you in a direction that will help.

  • RichLeick says:

    What type of business are you looking to start? Unfortunately, most businesses do require some start up costs. A simple franchise typically costs $147,000 just to get started and that doesn’t include the building, employees, materials, etc. And that’s not even one of the better ones (i.e. McDonalds, Subway)

    Have you ever looked into network marketing? It’s a very good way to get your feet wet and it really doesn’t cost a lot. In fact, Yahoo’s finance expert Robert Kiosayki did an interview where he stated network marketing may be the perfect business because of the low startup costs, the fact you can do it part time, and there is very little risk.

    Do your homework though. Like most things there are good companies and then not so good.

    I have been with Market America for 3 years now. I truly believe they have the best thing going. But I’ll leave that up to you to decide. In any case, good luck.

  • Emily R says:

    You can improve your credit rating but I can’t remember exactly how. You’re allowed to access the same records that potential lenders can see. Once you’ve paid off a debt, you can write to the creditor who’s given you the bad rating and ask for it to be removed… or maybe you ask some other authority to remove it. Point is, I’m almost sure you can improve a bad credit rating.

    There are lots of books about women and business. Get yourself to a library!

    And ask around to see if there are free resources for women business owners. You might find it in the phone book, or by ringing a small business association, or the government department that looks after small businesses and/or tax? It’s possible there’s a government department or women’s association that can give you advice, free legal help, help writing a business plan and getting finance.

    Don’t use credit cards (waaay too much interest if you pay late), and don’t let anyone loan you money unless you have a realistic plan about how and when you’ll make enough to pay it back. Otherwise you’re just digging a bigger hole… you don’t make money by paying overdue fees.

  • jeff s says:

    may i suggest the perfect business that doesnt require much capital has little or no overhead and little or no inventory it is a great company called NIKKEN

    it is a networking marketing company that is reputable and has a long record of success.

    i have found NIKKEN to be one of the best, if not the best one out there for a variety of reason. they belive in what they call the 5 pillars in life HEALTHY mind, body, family, society and finances).

    there is no get rich quick scheme and anyone that tells you can make MILLIONS very quickly is just looking to take your money and i can assure you very few poeple even get there initial investment back.

    Network marketing can work and be proitable if you work with the right company and are willing to put the time and effort in to be successful.

    if you want more info feel free to send me an email and i will be happy to direct you accodringly.

    in the meantime i wish you the best of luck

  • Coolman says:

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