Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

so viomently opposed to same sex marriage? I have a cousin that lives in Massachusetts who happens a wedding planner, and her business has increased over 22% since they legalized same sex marriage. She has had to hire two more assistants just this year alone. Not to mention the Function halls, caterers, limo services, florists, photographers, travel agencies etc, etc.

5 Responses to “IF the Republicans are all in favor of the SMALL business man/women, then why are they?”

  • ynotfsu10 says:

    This is kind of an isolated incedent, don’t you think?
    The argument that one wedding planner has made more money due to the legalization of gay marriage is a little bit specious. I am in favor of gay marriage, but come on dude, this argument sucks.

  • sandmanamerica says:

    because they like to pretend that they are on this “moral highground”, and are pandering to the religious right. but don’t forget, many democrats are opposed to gay marriage as well.

  • G-Man says:

    What? Please tell me your kidding. That isa fluke, a aberration. Come on. How many gays are wedding planners, or own businesses related to weddings. Nice try. But this argument is pointless and baseless.

  • CFB says:

    Left to their own the gay community will shrink not increase. Basic biology 101.

    If a person is a christian then homosexuality is directly opposed to their way of life.
    The Bible (new testament) teaches to despise the sin while loving the sinner.
    When the sinner tries to force acceptance of their sin on others then the real trouble starts.

  • jeeper_peeper321 says:

    Hmmm, I thought it was the democrats who were oppossed to same sex marriages.

    Didn’t Clinton, Obama, Edwards and Biden all publicly come out against same sex marriages ??

    Isn’t the knock on Romney and Giuliani is that they support same sex marriages?

    Wasn’t ir Clinton who passed the only anti gay federal law , ever passed ?? The Defense of marriage Act .

    Haven’t the citizens of every liberal state, banned gay marriage ?

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