Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

www.savorthesuccess.com . http , www.omaroma.com . I’m Angela Jia Kim, and my guest this week is Romy Taormina of PsiBands.com, acupressure bands for relief of nausea due to morning sickness, motion sickness, and chemotherapy. Angela You are in stores nationwide and worldwide… Romy: Yes, we are in Rite Aid, Wholefood, and we are launching into CVS this week! Angela: Let’s save our viewers some time, money and energy. What is the toughest business lesson that you had to learn the hard way? Romy: Belief in yourself and your product. You must be TENACIOUS, stick to your guns, and ride the tidal wave. It’s such an emotional tidal wave… you have to go after what you believe in. Know that you can overcome, and no does NOT mean no… it just may mean “not now”. Angela: Was is hard to get into CVS for you? Romy: It’s about building your story, convince the buyer that it will increase their incremental sales, it’s going to increase their bottom and top margins. Angela: So what was the story you told to get them to carry PsiBands? How many times did you have to go back to them? Romy: Over a couple of years! We had to build the sales story for them… it’s been a long process. We showed we are solving a common problem, we showed through sales data that we have have been successful. We have a market out there. Angela: In this case, no does NOT mean no! Persistence is key. Thank you, Romy, and until next time, Savor the Success! how to get into CVS romy taormina how to land

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