Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

Michelle C. Grman’s Video Book Review of ‘The Women’s Millionaire Club book by Maureen G. Mulvaney, MGM Michelle C. Grman comes to the home-based business entrepreneur industry from the corporate business world of Accounting, Finance and Information Technology, after more than 20+ years. Michelle holds an MBA with 16 graduate hours of Accounting. Michelle started in network marketing a few years ago to free herself from the handcuffs that come with a JOB to be able to have the time freedom to help her parents. This myopic goal grew into a huge goal when she realized that network marketing companies are a way to help many, many, many that want to be helped. She truly enjoys helping to make others successful. She didn’t realize how working a home-based business would help her achieve this lofty goal of helping others. Making Money while Making a Difference. Michelle’s company is Quid-NE which means ‘Why NOT’ in Latin. ‘Why Not’ unlock your financial future. ‘Why NOT’ diversify your income streams or create additional income streams. ‘Why Not’ join her team-www.quid-ne.com While researching a network marketing company, Michelle stumbled upon the Amazon Best Selling Book–The Women’s Millionaire Club by Maureen G. Mulvaney, MGM. MGM had surveyed and assessed 21 Women Entrepreneur Millionaires, from the Home-Based Industry, to understand their behavioral traits, their energy styles and energy traits. In her book, MGM described the traits and provides techniques and strategies

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