Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

My daughter is graduating from college and needs a new business wardrobe. The problem is, she is 5ft. tall, size 0, and looks younger than her almost 22 years. She is getting very frustrated. The only clothes that fit are teen clothes and she is looking for a more sophisticated, mature look. Any suggestions for good places to shop for business clothes for smaller women?

2 Responses to “Need suggestions for business clothing for smaller women.?”

  • Twinkle T says:

    i was reading in 17 magazine that Kohls or Sears is good for petite women. im sure they have some classy items there.hope this helps!

  • jackiee says:

    in my highschool i have to wear business attire as uniform because we work in Downtown offices once a week. to look “professional”
    i usually go to those stores for all my business attire. im about her size also.

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