Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

i would like to open a small business. i can’t decide what kind of business though…people have been suggesting i offer some kind of service…any ideas for me? my interests mostly lie in art, and animals but im open to any ideas!

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  • shangarboy says:

    better u can choose tailoring or tutions if u r expert in art skills

  • Charlene D says:

    It is a little hard to nail down specifics for which type of business you should run. You need to find something that you will enjoy and that is lucrative. Also, if you can get creative with the services you offer–that could help too. Even though it is difficult to give you an exact business idea for your business, I can offer some tips for a new business:

    In the beginning, start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself. If you can, work out of your house until you become more established (if it is that kind of business). It will save you a great deal of money. Also, only hire employees that you absolutely need. When your business becomes more successful, you can expand.

    Word of mouth is one of the best ways to market your business. Both positive and negative reviews travel quickly, so make sure your customers are satisfied.

    Get organized. An unorganized business will not last long. There are many ways to get yourself organized, so you have some options. Information tracking and document retention software are important for any business. Being able to keep track of business-related documents will put you ahead of the game.

    Consider free giveaways for your budding business. This will attract business and hopefully future loyal customers.It is hard to resist free giveaways, right?

    The last piece of advice is just to believe in what you are doing. Love your services and love your business. Good luck.

  • emelio e says:

    Spank butts.

  • NPO says:

    shang posted a good idea. But the people who have been suggesting to you on offering services is really where the money is at. As an example, I know a lot of people in the telecommunications industry. Helping people with products and services that they already have and putting people on new services that they don’t have. Everytime they do this, they make a percentage of everyone’s billings month after month. Services such as local and long distance telephoine services, Internet services, digital and video phone services, Satellite TV as well as cellular phone services through all the major cellular phone providers. Another type of service is travel services or something like that.

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