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A conversation with Denise Devine, an entrepreneur and the founder of Nutripharm. Denise is a great role model for us all. View full video at www.CEOWomensClub.com She took her passion and left a high level job in a Fortune company to pursue her dream of starting a business around healthy food for kids. She struggled and managed through all the challenges of a new business leader – patents, R&D, production, distribution, outsourcing, sales, etc. Watch to see how she did it. What can you learn from her experiences to help you in your current situation?

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I’m 25, and really, really want to start my own business. I want a company with a really meaty idea – something I can sink my teeth into. The problem is, I’m very creative and feminine, and have focused all of my interests in the performing arts and shopping basically. (ie – Opera, playing the violin, ballet, learning piano, ballroom dancing, tap dancing, musical theater, shopping, clothes, and makeup). Even in college, I studied opera and now I currently work for an opera company on the administrative end of things.

Any suggestions?

I am just thinking of becoming a business women and I was wondering what courses I needin high school to become a business women in Canada? Do i need academic or applied courses??And after high school do I go to university or college??


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