Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

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A dramatic personal crisis forced this woman entrepreneur to quit her job in advertising and start Goodstuph, a social media agency. She’s building it as fast and cool as she can to feed both her passion and her family. “If you’re starting your own business, make sure it’s related to your passion,” Pat told The Story Exchange. For more stories and information about starting your own business, please visit our website: thestoryexchange.org At The Story Exchange, we are inspired by the fact that women around the world are starting businesses at higher rates than ever. We want to share their stories and encourage others because there is never a short supply of inspiration!

Insight into women… How they tend to under price themselves. Make sure your clients understand your value.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners (especially women — more than men) often have issues with “following up” on the leads they have. You may know the saying “the MONEY is in following up”. So, after working with thousands of entrepreneurs I found a way to make this step easier and more fun. This is my gift and passion in my business, as the International Alchemist: how to assist you to “turn your business into gold” without struggle or stress.

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