Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

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Sterlite Copper has woven social responsibility into its business fabric right from its inception in 1996-97. The company believes that business objectives should include overall development of communities around its surrounding areas. The aim has always been to go beyond mere ‘corporate social responsibility’ to understand the real needs and genuine concerns of the people and provide the necessary stimulus to not only address these issues but ensure social involvement, acceptability and sustainability. Empowering women to substantiate family earnings has also been a focus area of the company. Sterlite had initiated formation of Women Self Help Groups (SHG) a decade back in surrounding villages. Today, that number has grown to1056 benefitting more than 15000 women. 143 Income generation projects were initiated in rural areas like mushroom cultivation, bed making, candles making etc. One of the women from the Sterlite initiated SHG has been awarded the best women entrepreneur award by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) in 2008.

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