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Helping women entrepreneurs value their knowledge & Get paid what they’re worth by releasing personal issues that are affecting their business success. Linda Storey www.SoulPlanForProsperity.com

How Entrepreneurs Dress For Success – The Inside-Out Wardrobe On A Roll with Mike Michalowicz & Guest Expert, Marie Forleo Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur with guest expert Marie Forleo presents “The Inside-Out Wardrobe.” In this episode Mike and Marie share the three tips that make your outward looks and confidence come from within.

Begum Salma Ahmed, Chairperson BSA Inc. / Founder President & CEO Women Chambers of Commerce & Industry arranged a gathering of women Entrepreneurs in honor of Elizabeth O’ Colton, Acting US Consul General at Women Chambers Karachi. Two US Consulate Officers Susan, Officer Cultural Affairs and Andrea DeArment visited the chambers on behalf of Acting US Consul General. Begum Salma Ahmed , leading women entrepreneur briefed the guests about the efforts of women entreprenuers and emphasized to facilitate Women Entrepreneurs of Pakistan to visit US market and exhibit their products. Both the officers appreciated the efforts of Women Chambers of Commerce & Industry and efforts of the women entrepreneurs to register themselves as an important and active part of business community. Andrea De Arment, Information Officer US Conulate General lauded the enthusiasm shown by the participants to explore US market for their business and assured to encourage and facilitate women entrepreneurs of Pakistan to access US Markets. Well known women entrepreneurs appreciated the event and efforts of Begum Salma Ahmed while urged the government and foriegn bodies to aid the cause by facilitating local craftsmen and designer to visit international markets.

www.1shoppingcart.com Diva Successful Business Women Entrepreneurs teach women to be Million $ successful. Diva Success Secrets. www.1shoppingcart.com

www.NewOldMomsEntrepreneurClub.com Women are the New Face of 21st Century Entrepreneurs! The Hot Mommas Project is an incredible way for women to share their successes (and failures)in life as Role Models through writing cases studies to share their experiences.

Women Entrepreneurs of Color now have a chance to get FREE access to Small Business Training, Marketing Material for Entrepreneurs, and Smart Business Training from Small Business Expert, Multi-million dollar mompreneur Richelle Shaw and Web Expert and Successful Work at Home Mom, LaShanda Henry. This is a video contents for black women in business, looking for help, support, and new ways to increase their visibility, revenue, and customer base. To Enter This Contest: * Create Your Video: 5-10 Minutes About Your Business & Why You Need Help * Upload Your Video to Black Business Women Online, sistapreneurs.ning.com * Share your video with friends, family, and associates to increasing your chances of winning We are looking for passionate entrepreneurs to be real and tell their story. Winners will be selected based on their videos content and popularity. Contest Starts Now and Ends March 6, 2009. Only 1 Video per contestant. If you are not a BBWO Members, join for free sistapreneurs.ning.com THE PRIZES 10 Winners will receive 6 Months Free Access to the WOCC Smart Business Training Program on Business Women of Color, www.businesswomenofcolor.net There will be 1 Diamond Winner 3 Gold Winners 6 Silver Winners Silver Members get free access to the small business material on Business Women of Color, the ebooks, webinars, how-to tutorials and business tools an free monthly webinars. Gold Members get access to all silver benefits plus all our pre-recorded WOCC Smart Business Tele

www.Inspired-Entrepreneurs.com Around the globe Women In Business are achieving FINANCIAL FREEDOM using their natural abilities – Women Entrepreneurs are at the forefront of the massive, worldwide Home Business Revolution. Great News… Home based business values the skills twomen Already Have! – so Home Based Business is ideal for women beginning a second career. What skillset takes a successful business woman to the top, from a ‘standing start’ in a home based business opportunity?… ‘I believe success as a women in business comes from working with Core Strengths relationship building, strong work ethic and a real desire to help others just starting their journey to becoming women business owners. I have one major piece of advice to business women starting out: Develop your strengths and marginalise your weaknesses… women in business already have unique skill sets which can take them to the top.’ Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards Choose To Take Back Control of Your Future Today – Find out more – How women and business flourish together in a Home Based Business… Contact Kerrianne direct: UK: 0207 096 0690 US: 315 955 6585 Aus: 02 6108 4324 Or visit the website & request a Call-Back: www.Inspired-Entrepreneurs.com

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Management of Credit Schemes for Women Entrepreneurs in Africa arises out of over seven years’ experience of training and capacity building in the management of credit schemes for women entrepreneurs.

Micro-enterprises offer an attractive channel for innovations in investment, especially in the rural and peri-urban areas where the majority of the population lives and which mainstream investors shy away from. Although the focus of the publication is on w… More >>

Management of Credit Schemes for Women Entrepreneurs in Africa: A Training Manual

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In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, womens businessesfrom small local concerns to financial empiresoffered women independence, supported their families, and supplied essential goods and services to their communities and the world. They also contributed to much-needed legal and social change and set the stage for the female entrepreneurs who would come later. All this was accomplished despite immense financial barriers, an inequitable legal system, and the wi… More >>

Womens Concerns: Twelve Women Entrepreneurs of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

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Provides advice for women on how to succeed in business. The book contains insider information and covers the details of starting and running an entrepreneurial operation, from raising money to writing a business plan…. More >>

Woman to Woman: Street Smarts for Women Entrepreneurs

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