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www.SmokinHotPR.com When Facebook brought us together…Facebook is an amazing platform to build relationships. We use Facebook for business. We use Facebook as a learning platform. When the four of us, four business women from across the country, decided to get together in Palm Springs California, we made a goal to learn about each other. Talk about life, not business. Have you been at mastermind events where you did not talk about business, but the business ideas were flowing easier than you thought? Well…It happened at our mini vacation bootcamp! We learned to relax and enjoy our life. It was the power of Facebook that took our business relationship to a new level. It gave us an opportunity to relax, let go, and allow for joy and laughter while feeling pampered. We simply realized the creativity would come when we allowed ourselves to let go, laugh and be women…Life of a mom, a woman at its finest!

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