Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

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active,energetic,single women. 55ish!!! we don’t have a lot of start-up money,but would like to start a small business to add to our income. we are not business or professional types. we are both very people oriented and enjoy the public. just a couple of fun loving,people loving women. we appreciate your ideas in advance and all are welcome!!! thanks in advance.

I’m a minority, and I’m 24 years old, are there certain race or age specific loans that can help me? If so what are they and how can I find them on the web?

My daughter is graduating from college and needs a business look.
The problem: She wears clothes size 0 petite, and shoes size 6 narrow and has flat feet. Dressing in business attire is impossible because we can’t find shoes and clothes to fit her. Anyone know some good websites for fashionable clothes & shoes in small sizes at a reasonable price?

I work during the week with every other friday off and every other week-end off. I would like some ideas or even a book that has ideas for women who want to be entrepreneurs that have week-end business. I would like ideas with no investment or very low investment. Would I need a tax id number?

I am a 32 year old woman and I really want to start my own business. A small neighborhood bakery. I have heard that women can get some good rates on loans, etc. i would love to know of some good websites or books to help me get started.

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