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www.savorthesuccess , http , www.omaroma.com . This week, Angela Jia Kim interviews Julie Pickens of Boogie Wipes. Julie reveals what her biggest business mistake was and her biggest leap of faith that got her and partner, Mindee Doney, to the multi-million dollar level. “women entrepreneurs” “how to increase cash flow” “how to make more money” inspirational business story boogie wipes “julie pickens” “Om Aroma” “Organic Skincare” “Savor The Success” “Angela Jia Kim” “build business” “women entrepreneurs rock the world”

Click to view our video vault at www.ceowomensclub.com — A conversation with Shelley Boyce who took a company from 0 to $100 million in sales. From a corporate leader to successful entrepreneur. Women CEOs and successful business women can learn from her experiences to help them in their own situations

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