Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

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Steohen Covey has been talking about this for a long time- do you do it? warrior-preneur.com

Travis Porter Talks About Their Taste In Women, Business, Fight Over Hot Fries & More [HipHopBlog.com Exclusive] Footage shot & edited by: Brian Wynder of Media Mafia Productions LLC For More Exclusive Content go to www.hiphopblog.com

My boyfriend and I have started a small business here in PA. I set it up as a general partnership, 50/50 ownership. My name is first on all documents. Ive heard that if it was set up as a sole proprietorship as a female-owned business, I’d get better tax breaks. Ive also heard that if my name is listed first, I’d get the same tax breaks for the business as female owned. Can anyone clarify?
Thanks, imisidro!

Analysis of variance in the survival rate of entrepreneurs with respect to their gender- Entrepreneurship Research Programme for M.Phil Studies

whenever i see a successful black women, i see investment bankers, stock brokers, lawyers, business entrepreneur’s and teachers. when i see a successful black guy, it is usually nba players, sprinters or rappers. why are black guys less intelligent than black women?

I’ve always wondered why more women who are in business are single compared to other workers in different careers. There are statistics about more business women being single these days. Why is this?

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