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Nicole looks at Women in Business with Gale Hodvance and Jan Schwoyer, co-owners, Jangle Advertising Reporter/Producer: Nicole Brewer

Why deal with a Woman Owned Business? What do you receive in return? Does it make a difference if they are also a small business, less than 8 people?

Thanks for answering~

How is it that I certifiy as a women and minority owned business in California.

Also, if you know…

How do I certify as a small disadvantaged business.

Also… does anyone know the benefits to these things?


woman owned business in small community we can help people to lose weight increase their muscle tone decrease veins that show wrinkles diminished improved vitality

Im in St. Louis Missouri
How do I find government grants for a new small business owned by a woman? I am wanting to start a business in the next year or two but much of it would depend on how much money I could get from the govt or other places. I know it will happen to a point but I want to try to stay as much out of debt as possible so im not digging myself out of a hole and can maybe start actually earning money before the 5 year mark. How do I learn about and apply for these grants. I know they are out there but where?

I need help now and very cheap as I have no money left after we were robbed

I am a woman who is starting a candle making business. I know there are federal grants & loans for minorities (women minority). How do I tap into some of these grants and or funds?

I was thinking about starting my own small business in Massachusetts.

I was wondering if there was any federal/state funding/grants available for something like this?

It would be a do it yourself dog wash. There are few outside of Boston but none in the city.

Please let me know and provide links/information if you can! Thanks! 🙂

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