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I am a black woman with a small business and i am the only black business in Desoto that has a liscense to sell beer and wine inside my establishment. A month ago my husband had a gun pulled on him in front of our business because they said his car fit the destription of robbers even though on the news it clearly showed that the robbers drove a black truck not a car. My business has been under constant harassment since opening. I am so tired. I try to make a difference in the community by trying to show that a woman can be successful in business and being a black woman shows other black women that they to can do this. Between the police and Texas alcohol and tobacco its been hard. I seem to be under a microscope all the time. Running a business is hard enough as is without the embarriment of the owners husband having a gun pulled on him in front of the business. Even though they apoligized the damage has already been done. He has liscene plates so why did’nt they know ?

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