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The Amazon Kindle marketplace offers incredible opportunities to authors, information publishers and online marketers alike. The increasing number of Kindle owners are hungry for more publications they can download on a variety of niche topics.

The recent creation of the Amazon iPhone application has meant that the potential market for Kindle publications has risen into the millions.

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Light a Fire Under Your Sales: the Amazon Kindle/iPhone Explosion Report

I am looking at purchasing a cosmetic company from a women who has been in business for 25 years. I do not have all the details yet, but I do know she has done $50,000 in sales the past three years and said she would be asking around $100,000. This price would only included inventory and customer goodwill. I would have to put in new fixtures, lighting, flooring, paint, and buy point of sales software. The company does not have franchise fees or royalty fees. It is in a rural area in Georgia. Does this sound like a fair offer? What else do I need to take into consideration?

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