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Women Working is one of the premiere sites for women providing career help, support and coaches for inspirational women www.womenworking.com

Now that youve identified what your personal brand is comprised of how will go about supporting it? The specific elements of your wardrobe should represent the aspects of your brand you want others to connect with. Live presentation footage from Women in Small Business Expo. This live presentation footage by Darcey Howard, owner of LifeStyled and founder of “Personal Branding Through Appearance” from her keynote presentation at the Women in Small Business Expo is the ninth segment of her dynamic “Finding Your Inner Amazing” keynote. To purchase the complete DVD and learn more about Darcey Howard go to www.getlifestyled.com

Often things can get very frustrating and we need a support group where we can get ideas from other women in similar businesses without talking bad to someone in our sidelines, uplines, or downlines. This is where we can voice our concerns, frustrations, and give positive feedback to help each other to stay motivated. We definately need someone to vent to and don’t want it coming back to us along the way. Somewhere where we can bounce ideas off of eachother that help in our business to eachother and how to handle different situations.

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