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I’m planning to open a small business in my area. I am a women and a minority, I hear rumors that there is grant money available but i also hear that there is not. PLEASE HELP. Also if there is please include information or ideas on how to go about obtaining the grants. loans are NOTan option.

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I have been on the computer researching information on starting a small business from a formal business plan to grants and loans. The business I plan to start is retail. The location is going to be in a rural area appealing to the younger generation of men, women, and children. Some other items I plan on selling are acessories such as costume jelwery, handbags, and sunglasses. Basically I am trying to teach myself the fundementals of owning and running a small business. I don’t plan to have the business up and running until the Spring of 2008 to give me time to get everything together. Every website I have visited from googling ‘small business grants” wants me to pay for a book or cd to be informed on goverment and federal grants. If there is anyone out there who is willing to help me how can I get information for free to apply for a small business grant or any other grant in the catergory of minority, woman, or start up business. Please I need help.

Is there any help for a women starting a small business?

I’m thinking of starting my own photographic restoration service and can’t find any information about government help for women venturing into the business world.

Often things can get very frustrating and we need a support group where we can get ideas from other women in similar businesses without talking bad to someone in our sidelines, uplines, or downlines. This is where we can voice our concerns, frustrations, and give positive feedback to help each other to stay motivated. We definately need someone to vent to and don’t want it coming back to us along the way. Somewhere where we can bounce ideas off of eachother that help in our business to eachother and how to handle different situations.

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