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www.savorthesuccess.com , http Hi I’m Angela Jia Kim of Savor The Success. I’m here with Mike Michalowicz, and Jennifer Tuma-Young to discuss three ways to double your fees. You need the important testimonials, of course and you must emphasize the benefits of what you have to offer. So, to double your fees, start by sitting down and writing down a list of benefits that the person is going to get from working with you or buying your product. Mike agrees, if you want to double your fees, you have to lead with benefits. Mike reminds us that we buy emotionally and we justify with logic. It’s important to get testimonials from people who have already received the benefits from working with you and that will give you the confidence to double your fees and charge what you are worth. Mike talks about thinking about how to think of the dollar as an “appreciation point”. The more they pay you, the more they value your service and product. Don’t see your fees as dollars, but rather appreciation points and when you do that you feel more confident when it comes time to double your fees. Jennifer shares how she started by giving her coaching service pro bono. how to double your fees “how to double your fees” how much should I charge? How much to charge? women entrepreneurs women in business Angela Jia Kim “Angela Jia Kim” “Mike Michalowicz” “Jennifer Tuma-Young” “Toilet paper entrepreneur” “Savor the Success” “women entrepreneurs” “business tips” “women in business” “women-owned

Why am I playing guitar (or trying to) in this video? Well, you’ll have to watch and see. But I’d like to share with you a simple, 5-step marketing plan that I’ve been using for YEARS to grow my business. It worked when I was getting started with less than $20 in my bank account, and it still works today. It’s truly what you need, when you want to finally… Rock Your Profits. This extremely affordable course starts next Tuesday, May 17, so go to www.alibrown.com to learn more and reserve your spot!

LaShanda Henry talks about her journey from computer geek to side-hustle-sista to information entrepreneur and work at home mom. Visit the official site: Web Tech Gurl: www.webtechgurl.com

BraveHeart Women – BraveHeartWomen.com – Barbara Marx Hubbard explains Conscious Evolution – which is the choiceless evolution to choiceful conscious sense of direction…

I’m 25, and really, really want to start my own business. I want a company with a really meaty idea – something I can sink my teeth into. The problem is, I’m very creative and feminine, and have focused all of my interests in the performing arts and shopping basically. (ie – Opera, playing the violin, ballet, learning piano, ballroom dancing, tap dancing, musical theater, shopping, clothes, and makeup). Even in college, I studied opera and now I currently work for an opera company on the administrative end of things.

Any suggestions?

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