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Is there any help for a women starting a small business?

well im a junior in high school and everybody whats me to go in to health care,but i kno thats not for me,i want to be a entrepreneur/bussiness woman.However i dont know the best what degree is best for me,please help

I’m thinking of starting my own photographic restoration service and can’t find any information about government help for women venturing into the business world.

I want to open a resturant, I have no money and poor credit. My boyfreind and I both work full time and we don’t even make enough to cover our bills, I’m talking rent, utilities and food we have no credit cards or car payments and we don’t indulge in extras.(having internet access is our biggest spluge) He pays an excessive amount of child support and we can’t even afford a lawyer to get it corrected. Does anyone know of a program or agency that will help a low income woman start a small business in spite of a very poor credit rating?

I have checked all the supposed grants lists that you have to purchase and most of the grants available to women owned business are not for start-ups. They appear to be for tools once you are already in business, like money to pay an IT person or accountant if you need it. SBA has a 10,000.00 microloan that you still have to have good credit to get for a start up but I will need about 20,000.00 total. I can try to get a tax id number but even that would be New credit which can be worse than no credit. Anyone have this as a specialty or gone through this same situation lately?

I was thinking about starting my own small business in Massachusetts.

I was wondering if there was any federal/state funding/grants available for something like this?

It would be a do it yourself dog wash. There are few outside of Boston but none in the city.

Please let me know and provide links/information if you can! Thanks! 🙂

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