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Nicole Flint, Miss SA 2009, supports Epilepsy South Africa and their latest initiative, the Women’s Entrepreneurial Development Programme. The Women’s Entrepreneurial Development Programme was rlaunched by Epilepsy South Africa at their National Office, and was well attended by woman who believes in their empowerment in the business environment.

On August 23rd 2010, I was honored to talk with everyone at Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative: “Hello Arno- Thank you again for speaking at WWBIC’s Brown Bag Lunch Series yesterday; we highly enjoyed your presentation. To hear your story of how you overcame racism really is inspiring! We look forward to hearing more from Life After Hate as WWBIC knows you will make a great impact in the Community. Thank you, Amber Miller Education and Communications Coordinator Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corp. (WWBIC)”Life After Hate is a monthly online magazine dedicated to basic human goodness, which is the innate and natural desire to live an open and honest life while treating all other life with compassion and respect. This core truth serves as the foundation for peace as it’s common to every world religion and transcending of ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, and any other sort of difference that seems to sort human beings.

Pro Mujer is a microfinance and women’s development organization whose mission is to provide Latin America’s poor women with the means to build livelihoods for themselves and futures for their families through microfinance, business training, and healthcare support. This video highlights Pro Mujer’s financial and human development services in Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru. Clients of Pro Mujer share their stories. The video was produced in 2006 by Chris Shaw. Visit Pro Mujer at www.promujer.org This video highlights Pro Mujer’s financial and human development services in Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru. Clients of Pro Mujer share their stories. The video was produced in 2006 by Chris Shaw. Visit Pro Mujer at www.promujer.org

AUSTRALIAN HISPANIC WOMEN BUSINESS NETWORK (AHWBN): WHO ARE WE? A unique non political, non religious, non for profit, registered cultural group of Spanish Speaking Women, with a variety of skills, focused in the promotion of their Hispanic Background within the Australian Community, while inspiring other women and strengthening the group. The Australian Hispanic Women’s Business Network (AHWBN) or Red Australiana de Mujeres Hispanas, met for the first time, in September 2005. Sharing past achievements and future ideals, that day, they realised that based on their knowledge, experience and skills, they could inspire other hispanic women living in Australia, to overcome initial challenges and pursue their ideals. The AHWBN was incorporated as a non for profit, cultural association, in May 2009. The services provided by the AHWBN are mainly: 1) The promotion of their Hispanic heritage, in a variety of modalities 2) Voluntary mentorship for newly arrived Hispanic women; and 3) Personal and business networking amongst its members and friends. The different Activities and Projects now on board, promote these Objectives. We invite Hispanic Women from anywhere in the world, to join our group and become involved in any of these projects. Visit us at www.ahwbn.com VISION: The AHWBN aims to inspire other Women with their achievements, as individuals and as a group, in a non Spanish speaking environment; leaving a cultural legacy for their children and their children’s families

A basic business suit is an essential part of women’s business clothes. Learn how to pick out a great women’s suit with tips from a fashion stylist in this free women’sclothing video. Expert: Harmonie Kreiger Bio: Harmonie Krieger is co-founder of Uniquely Chic, and image consulting business in Hollywood, California. She is also a trained TV host. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

BraveHeart Women – www.BraveHeartWomen.com Inspirational and Successful Woman Ellie Drake & Entrepreneur Dr. Judith Orloff, discuss reminding all women to express themselves by participating in acts of inspiration.

Jodi Womack of No More Nylons introduces The Women’s Business Social to a group of 100+ women in business for the January 2010 Social at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in Ojai, California.

What is the status of women in Islam? How do the Qur’an view women? Are Muslim Women Oppressed? In a jam packed auditorium at the University of Milwaukee, WI. organized by MSA on Nov. 7, 1992, Aminah Assilmi responds to a series of nationally syndicated anti-Islamic articles “Women of the Veil” by Deborah Scroggins. Sr. Aminah Assilmi spoke on the topic of women’s rights and roles in Islam. She described how Islam have given the rights to women 1400 years ago. Muslim history is full with women scholars, educationalist, property owners and business women, all these rights are granted by Islam. She also explained how Hijab is the badge of honor for Muslim women not the symbol of oppression. Representing the Muslim perspective was Sister Aminah Assilmi; Sister Assilmi was a renowned female scholar of Islam she traveled around the United States to give lectures , her personal story had admired hundreds of individuals , she was also President of International Union of Muslim Women, the organization that has many achievements under its belt. She used to be a Southern Baptist, a radical feminist and a broadcast journalist. then she became an ambassador of Islam. Sister Aminah traveled the country speaking on college campuses, increasing public awareness and understanding of the faith. She passed away on the 5th of March 2010 in a tragic automobile accident.. May Allah grant her firdaus, ameen Representing the Christian side was Deborah Scroggins; Deborah is an American

X2 got together for an on line interview with president of moody leather Allison Suter. We talked about how,where,and when it all started to arrive where she is now.A powerful independent woman running a successful business .X2 will be getting together with allison for a photo shoot and some web site surprises .Stay tuned and get ready to meet the queen of guitar straps for the stars. Thanks for watching Please subscribe Questions momo@themomozone.com

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