Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

I am just thinking of becoming a business women and I was wondering what courses I needin high school to become a business women in Canada? Do i need academic or applied courses??And after high school do I go to university or college??


2 Responses to “What courses do I need to become a business women?”

  • sarah says:

    You don’t necessarily need to do any courses to become a business woman. If you run a business, you’re a business woman.

  • Phrenzik says:

    In highschool, you should try to take some accounting courses and some marketing courses, as well as as many math courses as you can squeeze in. After that, you can get in to most colleges or universities, however, I recommend looking up a specific program you want and making sure you achieve the entrance requirements. Where in Canada are you? If you’re in BC, I highly recommend going to BCIT for business, its an excellent school with very applicable courses and a lot of hands-on experience.

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