Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

After 30+ years of women in business, there are only 12 female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and the number of other female officers in these companies is only ~16%. There are plenty of reasons, what can you come up with?

3 Responses to “What factors make your list of why women still aren’t notably successful in the business world?”

  • Cassius says:

    Probably the same reasons women werent in the top spots of politics commerce and crime throughout time and space.

    Men are men and women are women. It has always been this way and always will be.
    And the reason is that most people do not want to do the gender role reversal thing. Some feminist might be happy with supporting a househusband and some girly men might be happy with the gender role reversal thing too, but most people are not.

    As a consequence most girls and boys grow up in a pretty traditional household, or in a broken household where the father is absent.
    Just look at politics. There is Hillary Clinton who sticks out, all the other first ladies were kind of traditional.

  • Know It All says:

    Business, once the exclusive domain of men, has seen lots of women business owners coming onto the scene in the past two decades. As a matter of fact between 1992 and 1997 the growth of women-owned businesses was nearly three times the percentage of the increase of all other business enterprises. Moreover in 1997, the number of women-owned firms stood at a figure fo 5.4 million, and this is supposed to grow.

    Home-based businesses run by women continue to increase, since plenty of women prefer the convenience of looking after their children and homes in addition to running a business. Loans for running such types of businesses are as essentual for women as for men. Lots of wmen have also proven they are adept at buying existing businesses and running them successfully.
    Now, this is about small enterprises, mostly about home-based and/or home-based women-only/women-owned businesses.

    Business don’t get to the top on day one (except if someone’s the scion of Warner Bros or Walt Disney). It requires many skills such as leadership skills, strategic business planning skills, marketing skills (one of the most controversial skills pertaining to running a business), sales and customer relationship skills, communication skills, people management, and finance and accounting skills, not to mention, persistence, experience and plain common sense.

    One one hand, we have an oft-quoted sentiment that women entered the enterprise sector majorly only in the recent decades, and that business schools have opened up for women only recently — it’s generally true if you ignore the fact that MOST CEOs of “male-run” enterprises aren’t Harvard educated business graduates either.

    Choice is an another important factor in this free-market. Many women do not choose such stressful jobs that running a successful large-scale business would entail.

    Many women need training in leadership skills — in general, many women have issues trusting people with most of the decisions, and this leads to micro-managing — another failure in management.

    Delegation is an important skill which should also be taught in such leadership skill classes.

    The world isn’t out to get women who would want to venture out in this area — it’s left for women to trust ONLY their skills and/or resources that go above and beyond their skin/make-up, to prove that they can be as successful as men.

    Anyone can succeed if they have the interest/persistence/confidence in their resources that aren’t predominantly based on their looks (except if one is in advertising/porn/movies etc where looks are the major role-players).

  • Darkking says:

    Maybe because they do not earn that spot

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