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8 Responses to “Where can I find a small business loan for women?”

  • PooPa ScoOpa says:

    caldwell banking .. .

  • bzqqsq says:

    I wouldn’t look for loans. I would look for grants. There are a number of gov’t grants out there for women run businesses because you are considered a minority. My mother in law just applied for one, but you have to look in your area.

  • Matt J says:

    The small business admin. or a nonprofit called score. These should be in your area.

  • {bottomed_out} says:

    washington mutual

  • Knut EU$$ says:

    SBA has programs especially for small business women…its just a lot of paperwork…but its only 4% interest if you can get it!

  • Jenny E says:

    In the world of government, women-owned businesses are considered minority-owned. As such, they qualify for diversity requirements which the government mandates for their contracting organizations in order to continue to work on government contracts. Locally, we have a group that advances the interests of minority-owned businesses and diversity programs. In my opinion, that would be a great place to start.

    Good luck!

  • easygoingfemale44 says:

    The Small business Association is a really good place for a loan. Its called a micro loan. This website has good info.


  • jitzzz says:

    Union Bank of California has the best women, minority, and disabled veteran SBA funding in the nation. Let me know what state you’re in if you’d like more information.

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