Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

I’m a Latin woman, I want to open a restaurant in New Orleans where I can find info, for small business loan o a grant for minority?

3 Responses to “where can I find info for a women to start a small business in the New Orleans ares?”

  • J.J. says:

    Go to the city of New Orleans. Where the council is located. Probably have building permits etc in that building. They would be able to help you . ,Or direct you in the right direction, You might also want to check with city services, they usually have a number , just for the specific area
    Good Luck

  • gary w says:

    try the small business assn.
    they help with low interest loans.
    being a female and a minority are big in your

  • Mary S says:

    A good start is sba.gov its all free.

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