Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

I have always wanted to own my own business. I finally found something I would be interested in and have experience with. It is a franchise opp. called Home Instead. I hear, in CA, at least, women small business owners are considered minorities. Where would I begin to find a business loan for an unemployed stay-at-home mom with not so good credit?

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  • SDLifeCycle says:

    Try out prosper.com. You can put out your business idea and get funding from other individuals or groups of people.

  • TM Express™ says:

    The business of lending is a dense one and should be researched properly. To get started, I suggest contacting the Small Business Administration (SBA). Entrepreneur also offers a great site dedicated to money & finance – see below for both.

    Research, research, research – this cannot be stressed enough. Read as much as you can about the process. Here are some book titles that are relevant:

    * How to Get a Small Business Loan: A Banker Shows You Exactly What to Do to Get a Loan (Small Business Series, No 1) by Bryan E. Milling
    * The SBA Loan Book: Get A Small Business Loan–even With Poor Credit, Weak Collateral, And No Experience by Charles H. Green
    * The Insider’s Guide to Small Business Loans by Dan M. Koehler

    There are plenty of free informational resources out there. Check the source box for links to articles.

    Hope that helps! I wish you much success & happiness in all your ventures!

  • Roy says:

    It is better to own your own business I believe mainly because you are in control but it does come with a few nightmares from time to time. I have had some joy with loans from the site I’ve placed below as a source. Look for the articles area, there’s heaps of info in the archives.

    Hope this helps.


  • jacksaw says:

    how much do u need and when can you repay

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