Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

Our family has been involved in our family small business for over 10 years in Marine Services. We are intresting in starting a new business. Where should we look for advice and information ?

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  • Dan says:

    Hi there

    Well I dont know if this is what you had in mind but its what I do for a living and is ideal for someone with disabilities because you work at home. All I need is the internet and my laptop.

    I lost my job about 6 months ago and with me having really limited skills and cash I turned to the internet to try and make some money. Everyone says they’re a scam and honestly I thought they were but dont believe it when people say they are ALL a scam. Its not true! I found one that does work and made me a good income all this time and I live pretty comfortably off what I make each month, better than at my old job anyway.

    I found maverick money makers and you can learn from these really detailed video tutorials how to earn money. The guy who does them goes into tons of detail so its really easy to follow, and not just one way either, he teaches about 20 known ways that have worked for me.

    On the site below you can see him taking you through some of the things that he does. Its cheap to join and guarenteed too, if you’re totally useless and havent made anything like the sort of money you want in 60 days you can have your money back. The guys called Mack Michaels and hes a really decent guy, you’ll like him 🙂

    Hope that helps you, good luck! 😀

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