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Supposedly a woman has a small business and she dies, having an unmarried daughter who has 2 unmarried sons. Who gets the business, if anyone, if no-one is partner with the man and he didnt leave any wills? Can she give a business in her will or should she put the desired person in charge first, or make a partner at least?

5 Responses to “WHO GET THE BUSINESS IF A WOMAN owner dies?”

  • Maxx Hoopla says:

    Whoever she wills it to.

  • liberal_60 says:

    In the US it makes no difference whether the person who dies is a man or woman. The inheritance rules are the same. If there is no will and she is not married then the business is inherited by the woman’s children. She can leave it to whomever she wishes if she writes a will.

  • talismb says:

    If she has a will it goes to whoever is named in the will…otherwise it will go to probate and likely eventually end up with the daughter.

  • tott1 says:

    her daughter should get unless she willed it to someone else

  • robert says:

    Your ? is hard to under stand. You ramble

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