Women entrepreneurs in today’s business world

YoungWomenInBusiness.com How I built a hugely successful award-winning business from scratch, accumulated more than $1 million in assets, married my soul-mate and had my first child…all before the age of 30 Since you’re here, you’ve probably heard my story about how I have risen to business success at such a young age, doing things differently from the norm and getting great results. Not only have I created a successful business I have also created a successful life. I am living proof that you CAN have your cake and eat it too! I’m 29 years of age and built my small business from the ground up. I own a beautiful apartment near the beach with ocean views. I have a degree in International Business, Marketing and Management. I own over $1 million in property assets. I have won numerous business awards and accolades. I am married to my soul mate and have a baby. I have lived overseas and have travelled extensively. But most importantly I am happy and I laugh a lot and have fun. And no, I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. It was all my own work. So now it’s time to pay it forward, and share the secrets to my success — the secrets to having it all. I want to show other young women that enjoying huge success in their careers doesn’t have to come at the expense of their personal life.I have put this website together to guide you through the process that I used to make my own business and life a huge success at such a young age. I’ve included all the steps

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